College education is definitely the most difficult phase of a student’s academic life and it’s also the most expensive which I’m sure you’re totally aware of. As a college student, you have to allocate your funds efficiently so that you can survive financially, but that may prove to be an even greater challenge for you. You’ll need to live as frugal as you possibly can if you want to survive college on a tight budget. The question is, how?

First of all, you’ll need to analyze and observe how you spend your money. Tracking down what you’re spending on would certainly help your budget because even with a part-time job, it’ll be tougher to increase your savings if you’re overspending. Becoming thrifty is a trait that every person should acquire because a little saving here and there goes a long way. Sacrifice is also necessary and you must be willing to make it. Now, if you want to stop spending too much and start saving, then you have to read these tips.

Go on a “Starbucks” diet

You won’t believe how many students love drinking coffee and it has come to a point where caffeine serves as their fuel especially on their examination period. There might be a lot of benefits that coffee could give, but buying it on Starbucks or other similar coffee shops can really hurt your savings. You won’t like this, but you’ll have to avoid coffee shops for a while and just go for the cheaper alternative such as making coffee yourself. Doing so wouldn’t just cause you to spend less, you’ll also satisfy your craving for coffee.

Resist being impulsive

There’s an impulsive buyer lurking within us and it depends on our self-control whether we can suppress it or not. Some college students have weak self-control especially when it comes to buying stuff and if it happens often, then they would lesser funds to their other important expenses. Impulsive buying is certainly a dangerous habit if you can’t get rid of it which is why the next time you’re tempted to buy something outside your budget, fight the urge and think of its possible consequences. It won’t be easy, but you can do it.

List down your expenses

Every student should learn how to manage their budget if they want to survive college on a tight budget. Not only will they be able to get the necessary things they need, they could also save some money as well. For starters, study how you spend your money by listing down everything you’ve bought. By the end of the month or as early as a week, you’ll be able to analyze and change your spending habits as efficiently as possible since you’ve cut down on various things that cause you to overspend.

Look for discounts & coupons

We are all weak against discounts which is a good thing because we can save a lot on various things we need. You may not know it, but discounts can help you in your studies as well because you could avail huge discounts from paper writing services that can assist you on any academic papers, save a ton on educational books and many more! You’ll find plenty of these online so keep your eyes open, be on the look out and collect them all.

Give e-books a chance

Does your professor require you to buy a specific book, but you realize that it’s too much for you? Worry no more because if you have a laptop/smartphone and an Internet connection, then you can buy its online counterpart. E-books are way more cheaper than the real thing and there’s really no difference between the two, so you’re better off buying e-books online to save money and paper as well. Not only that, you’ll make your bag lighter which will definitely become a plus for you.

Frugal living is a lifestyle that you and every student should adapt to because you’ll have one less problem to worry about. Although, this will require immense amounts of discipline because it’s not that easy to break certain habits that you’re used to making. It’s a slow process, but it’ll be very rewarding once you learn to survive college on a tight budget. You will be able to spend less and enjoy more by working to implement these tips.


Author Bio: Sophia Jennings is a college student who aims to be a teacher someday and she’s reaching that goal little by little. Working on her part-time job as a writer for is a thing she does to help her financially. Aside from that, she does a lot of creative writing, playing music or just simply hanging out with her pet cat. Also, she spends some of her time online especially on her Twitter account.